Camp Description

Cinema Arts Camps are designed to guide kids through the entire digital production pipeline via the art of movie making.Cinema Arts Camp is a 3D animation Camp that was founded in 2007 by Bev Standish, owner of Digital Elf Studios, During Monday – Friday (9 am – 3 pm) day camps kids will make their own movie. They will use software to create special effects, 3D models ( Pixar style), animate, green screen,  composite, and edit. Upon completion, each camper receives a DVD of the movie they have created. Classes cater to the strength and interests of the camper. Some children will be interested in the 3D animation programs while others may be more interested in videography or the process of green screening. Each child is approached with respect for their individuality. The emphasis is on the child’s specific interests, self esteem, and sense of well being. Students get to spend more time studying the things that really capture their interest and enthusiasm. Having fun is a requirement.

The Cinema Arts teachers are independent producers and makers of digital video productions. We want the kids to have the opportunity to enjoy the the process of integrating their natural sense of play, story, plot and self expression. The technology we have here is an incredible tool for the empowerment of this creative expression. We are experts in every aspect of this process of play and self expression. In the summer we share our passion for kids and the digital arts by hosting the Cinema Arts Camp where kids get to be part of a movie set and learn computer graphic animation.

This camp excels in teaching just enough of the technology that the children can learn to use it in artistic creative ways.