Camp Description


Cinema Arts Camp Online is designed to guide kids through the entire digital production pipeline via the art of movie making. We will host group sessions where campers can explore, share ideas and inspire each other!

Historically, Cinema Arts Camp has been a 3D animation Camp that was founded in 2007 by Bev Standish, owner of Digital Elf Studios, For many summers….Monday – Friday (9 am – 3 pm) kids made their own movie. They used software to create special effects, 3D models ( Pixar style), animate, green screen, composite, and edit. They can still do this from the comfort of their own homes. Each child is approached with respect for their individuality. The emphasis is on the child’s specific interests, self esteem, and sense of well being. Students will get to spend time with the things that really capture their interest and enthusiasm. Having fun is a requirement.

The Cinema Arts teachers are independent producers and makers of digital music and video productions. We want the kids to have the opportunity to enjoy the the process of integrating their natural sense of play, story, plot and self expression. The technology we have today is an incredible tool for the empowerment of this creative expression. We are experts in every aspect of this process of play and self expression. We wish to share our passion for kids and the digital arts by hosting Cinema Arts Camp Online where kids get to be part of making a movie, learning the techniques of storytelling, script writing and computer graphics. We will provide links and means to downloading creative software (free) that they can use as long as they wish, and teach how to use it to enhance their creativity. There are some requirements. The camper should have access to a camera (cell phone, or ipad is fine) and a decent computer (relatively new or one that has a dedicated graphics card) available to use for editing purposes.
This camp excels in teaching just enough of the technology that the children can learn to use it in artistic creative ways. We usually have a showing of all the movies the kids make over the summer in a real theater. This year we will need to wait and see if that is possible. Possibly an outdoor movie event could be arranged. No matter what, the movies will be posted online so that all can see and each camp will be able to share their creations with each other with ample opportunity for applause and popcorn at home!