Nicole Lane says:
My sons attended Bev’s week-long “Cinema Arts Camp” this summer with zero experience and no idea what they’d be getting into. They left the camp learning three important lessons creativity, collaboration and confidence…along with animation skills and ideas they’d never dreamed of. With a lifetime of working with young people, Bev has a knack for “getting” the kid, how to plug them in at their level, and craft their natural skills into fabulous product that they can be proud of. Bev is a dedicated, enthusiastic, child-centered teacher who is passionate about sharing her craft to appreciative kids who really do eat it up.

Amy Tilley says:
My son has had the opportunity this past summer to take a summer camp directed and taught by Bev Standish and Jordi MacFife. In a week’s time, they were able to take a multi-aged group of children, with differing abilities and levels of expertise and produce a student directed film animation production. Rather than learning how to use a specific program step by step, students integrated learned skills into a project that incorporated storyboarding, filming scenes, animating, choosing and keyboarding background music and more. By doing this, they used their imaginations, complex problem solving skills, worked as a team, and experienced how it is done in the film industry. As teachers, Jordi and Bev have the ability to tap into each student’s creative potential and nurture it. If a student has a particular idea or desire, they help them express it through digital media. Their students feel supported, as well as challenged. The camps offered include professional level filming and animation software. Each student, no matter the age, is introduced and coached on how to use these programs and is inspired to succeed. Bev and Jordi have a warm, patient and accepting demeanor. Students feel comfortable and open to try new techniques or share their ideas. And of course you can’t forget Rosie, the camp’s mascot dog, that brings love and comfort to All. My son looks forward to being in Jordi and Bev’s camps like a dog anticipates a bone. It is always a delightful treat!